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Μαθηματα ελευθερης καταδυσης, μαθηματα ψαροντουφεκου
Μαθηματα ελευθερης καταδυσης, μαθημα ψαροντουφεκου

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AIDA 1- Introduction to freediving


This level is designed to meet the needs of freedivers with minimal to little water experience.

Its purpose is to help the student develop basic skills, knowledge and safety protocols that are necessary to be able to safely enjoy the pleasure of diving by holding the breath.
Ideal for beginner spearfishers.



The 2 theoretical courses include:


  • Free diving equipment

  • Proper breathing / Breathing-relaxation exercises

  • Avoid hyperventilation

  • Equalizations - basic techniques

  • Safety / Risk avoidance and management

  • Freediving and scuba diving rules

  • Basic safety rules


The 2 practical lessons include:


  • Equipment preparation.

  • Proper breathing before and after the dive.

  • Static and dynamic apnea in confined water.

  • Checking the equalizations- troubleshooting.

  • Proper "duck dive".

  • Finning technique.

  • Practice of the buddy system in dives up to 10-11 meters.

  • Simple surface rescue techniques.


  • The training process includes the course notes, edited underwater photos, the diploma + official AIDA 1 certification.

  • No exams are required to obtain the certification.

  • The ratio of students per instructor at sea is up to 4: 1

  • Possibility for private lessons throughout the year.

  • After the end of the course we offer free unlimited training sessions every week for 1 year.

  • All graduates benefit from the offers of our associates .

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