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Συχνές ερωτήσεις

Frequently asked questions


What is freediving ?


In simple words, freediving is every dive we do having taken a breath on the surface and holding it until we return to breathe again.


What are the benefits of freediving ?

Even from the first day of our freediving courses the freedivers learn how to relax their body and mind, through specific breathing and relaxation techniques.

These techniques can be applied to everyday situations that may cause us stress.

Of course there are some hobbies like spearfishing, underwater videography or photography, surfing, polo, etc. that can bebefit from certain aspects of freediving.


What is the minimum age to start freediving ?


In general there is no such limit for someone to start freediving, as long as the person knows how to swim.

If you want to take part to a freediving course you have to be at least 6 years old.


Can i participate to a freediving course or underwater activity even if i don't have the perfect physical condition ?

Of course! You don't have to be an athlete to take part to our activities. Every healthy person with an average physical condition is able to learn freediving.


My breathhold is only a few seconds. Do i have any chances to improve ?


Breathold is determined mostly by two big factors : correct breathing and good relaxation.  During a freediving course with us you will learn in theory and practise several ways to improve your ability to hold your breath longer with safety.
We are proud that the majority of our students  achieve breathholds of at least 2 minutes from the first day of the course !


How do i know what level should i start from ?


We will help you choose the right level by talking (or texting) and evaluating your experience and knowledge.  


What kind of equipment do i need for a freediving course ?


For pool and open water sessions you will need : a freediving suit, mask, snorkel, elastic waist belt, weights, neopren socks, fins.

In case that you don't have the necessary equipment  please contact us , so we can find the best solution.



What kind of certification will i get after a course ?


In our courses we follow the educational standards of AIDA International, which is the biggest and most renowed educational system in freediving.
We offer all levels of courses (AIDA 1,2,3,4)  the specialty of "Monofin", and the new courses for kids (AIDA Dolphin + AIDA Junior)


I have been practising spearfishing for several years. Why should i attend a freediving course ?

Our experience in freediving and spearfishing has shown that a remarkably high percentage of people who learned how to dive by themselves or with the assistance of friends, have great lack of knowledge or (even worse)  false perceptions on critical issues like safety, technique, breathing and relaxation.

With the successful  completion of a freediving course first of all you will become a safer spearo. By learning the correct technique of freediving, the proper relaxation and recovery breathing  as well as the relaxation techniques you will witness a quick increase of your performances making less effort than before and enjoying your underwater activities more.


Do you organise courses/seminars outside Athens or Greece ?


Once the minimum required number of people is reached, we will happily come to any place in Greece !

Also, we can arrange special seminars or events in your country!
Contact us for more info.

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