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Σχολείο ελεύθερης κατάδυσης - AIDA 3***
Hellas Freedivers - Μαθηματα ελευθερης καταδυσης στην Αθήνα
Μαθήματα ελεύθερης κατάδυσης  - AIDA 3***

AIDA 3 - Advanced Freediver Course


This is the advanced level in freediving and is addressed to experienced freedivers.

Its purpose is to develop new skills and acquire the necessary knowledge required to be able to plan and implement in practice their personal training plan in every freediving discipline.



The theoretical courses last 3 days and include:


  • Laws of Physics applicable to freediving.

  • Physiology

  • Buoyancy in deep freediving / Freefall

  • Depth and pressure

  • Equalizations and barotraumas.

  • Diving reflex

  • Hypoxia / Black Out / LMC / Hyperventilation

  • Deepening in the practice of the buddy system.

  • Ethics and freediving

  • Organizing a diving session

  • General training / Fitness

  • Design individual training programs


Practical lessons in the pool (or confined water) include:


  • Individual hypercapnic training sets in static apnea.

  • Individual sets of dynamic apnea.

  • Scenarios and rescue techniques in static and dynamic apnea.

  • Achieve static apnea over 2':45''.

  • Achieve dynamic apnea over 55 meters.


Practical lessons at sea last 4 days and include:


  • Buoyancy adjustment in deep freediving.

  • Freefall.

  • Perfection of technique.

  • Controlled turns.

  • Lanyard diving.

  • Practice diving with Frenzel equalization.

  • Advanced buddy system.

  • Scenarios / Rescue and self-rescue techniques.

  • Achieve depth between 24 and 30 meters.


  • The training process includes notes, videos/photos, diploma, certification.

  • AIDA 2 degree or equivalent is required to attend course.

  • Written exams are taken to obtain the certification.

  • Minimum age is 16 years with parent / guardian consent.

  • The ratio of students per instructor at sea is up to 4: 1

  • After the end of the course we offer free unlimited training sessions every week for 1 year.

  • All graduates benefit from the offers of our associates.

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