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Kostas Madouros

AIDA International Master Instructor



Konstantinos (Kostas) Madouros has been involved in spearfishing since 1998 and freediving since 2003, while from 2003-2018 he has been a member and president of the historical association Glafkos and a member of AIDA Hellas.

Since 2019 he is also a member of AIDA USA and Media Officer of AIDA International.


He has organized and participated in many seminars (>130) and spearfishing and underwater shooting competitions.


From 2007 until today he has collaborated with the magazines Vithos, Fish, Skafos and Boat & Fishing .


He is a graduate of the Hellenic Lifeguard Academy, and a full time freediving Master Instructor of AIDA International with by far the most AIDA certifications in Greece. He is also the first (and only) AIDA instructor in Greece who is able to teach children aged 6 and over.


His main qualifications as an instructor are his friendly personality, professionalism, big patience and excellent ability to share his knowledge.





AIDA International

Partners + Assistants
AIDA 4 Assistant Instructors

Our team includes and certifies experienced 4th level freedivers (assistant instructors) in various parts of Greece that are at our disposal if needed to facilitate practical courses, as well as the training of our graduates.

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Special partners
Scientists + Field Experts

We collaborate with the most remarkable scientists in the field (ENT, cardiologists, pulmonologists, physicians, etc.), as well as with specialized people in various fields whose help and knowledge you can ask for.

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