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AIDA 4 Master Freediver Course - Hellas Freedivers - Μαθηματα ελευθερης καταδυσης στην Αθήνα
Σχολείο ελεύθερης κατάδυσης - AIDA 4*
Hellas Freedivers - AIDA 4 - Master Freediver Course

AIDA 4 - Master Freediver Course


This is the athletic level in freediving and is addressed to very experienced freedivers.

Its purpose is to develop new skills and acquire the necessary knowledge   required to be able to dive safely beyond the limits of recreational diving.

Graduates of this level will receive the title of Assistant Instructor and will be integrated into the educational activities of our school.



The theoretical courses are divided into 4 sections and include:


  • Laws of Physics applicable to deep free diving.

  • Diver Disease - Nitrogen Narcosis.

  • Failure Depth.

  • Lung volumes (RV, VC, FRC, TLC) and their training.

  • Mouthfill - Packing.

  • Deep equalizations.

  • Fitness training.

  • Stretching (general-special)

  • Diet.

  • Special equipment for deep freediving.

  • The role as an Assistant Instructor.


Practical lessons in the pool (or confined water) include:


  • Buddy coaching in static apnea.

  • Stretching (general-special).

  • Scenarios and rescue techniques in static and dynamic apnea.

  • Achieve static apnea over 3':30''.

  • Achieve dynamic apnea over 70 meters with proper technique.


Practical lessons at sea last 4 days and include:


  • Preparation of equipment for training (float-rope-knots)

  • Stretching (general-special).

  • Diving practice using Mouthfill - FRC - Packing.

  • Perfection Freefalling.

  • Deepening in the practice of the buddy system.

  • Early identification of potential risks.

  • Scenarios / Rescue and self-rescue techniques.

  • Loss of mask / 1 fin at 20 meters.

  • Rescue of a victim at 20 meters.

  • Rescue of a victim at 15 meters and ascend with 1 fin.

  • Victim tow for> 50 meters.

  • Achieve depth between 32 and 38 meters with emphasis on proper technique.



  • The training process includes course notes, videos/photos, diploma + certification fee.

  • Participation in the school requires an AIDA 3 degree or equivalent, as well as an active First Aid degree (up to 2 years).

  • Written exams are taken to obtain the certification.

  • The minimum age is 18 years.

  • The ratio at sea of students per instructor is up to 4: 1

  • All graduates benefit from the offers of our associates.

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