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Μαθηματα ελευθερης καταδυσης στην Αθήνα
Hellas Freedivers - Μαθηματα ελευθερης καταδυσης στην Αθήνα
μαθηματα ελευθερης καταδυσης, μαθηματα ψαροντουφεκου

Give your friends freediving lessons as a gift!

AIDA 2 - Freediver Course


The second level is one of the most popular as it is aimed at free divers and spearfishers who already have a relevant experience and feel comfortable in the water.

Its purpose is to bring the student in contact with the knowledge, skills, organization, safety protocols, techniques, potential dangers and of course the enjoyment of diving by holding the breath.

Students will also try the basic free diving competitions (static apnea, dynamic apnea, constant weight, free immersion).



The theoretical courses are divided into 3 sections and include:


  • Introduction to AIDA International as an organization.

  • Elements of physiology.

  • Special equipment for free diving.

  • Proper breathing / Breathing exercises - relaxation.

  • Avoid hyperventilation.

  • Depth and pressure.

  • Equalization techniques.

  • Safety / Black Out / Loss of motor control.

  • Free and scuba diving.

  • Apnea disciplines.

  • Ethics / Respect for the aquatic environment.

  • Important safety rules.

  • Useful tips for spearfishing.


Practice in shallow water includes:


  • Equipment preparation.

  • Proper breathing before and after the dive.

  • Relaxation techniques.

  • Buddy system practice in static and dynamic apnea.

  • Rescue techniques in static and dynamic apnea.

  • Achieve static apnea over 2':00" with comfort.

  • Finning technique.

  • Head and body position.

  • Achieve dynamic apnea over 40 meters safely.


Practical lessons at sea last 3 days and include:


  • Prepare the appropriate equipment for freediving.

  • Buoyancy control and adjustment.

  • Testing equalizations / Problem solving methods.

  • Proper and effective "duck dive".

  • Finning technique.

  • Controlled turns.

  • Deepening in the practice of the buddy system.

  • Diving with lanyard.

  • Scenarios for rescuing a victim on the surface and from a depth of 5-8 meters.

  • Reach depth between 16 and 20 meters safely.

  • The training process includes the course notes, videos / photos, diploma + official certification.

  • Written exams are taken to obtain the certification.

  • Minimum age is 14 years with parent / guardian consent.

  • The ratio of students per instructor at sea is up to 4: 1

  • Possibility for private lessons throughout the year.

  • After the end of the course we offer free unlimited training sessions every week for 1 year.

  • All graduates benefit from the offers of our associates.

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