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Do you want to improve your technique in a short time? Increase your performance safely? Find the right guide for your deep dives?

If YES, then all you have to do is choose one of the following services we offer!

free training
Μαθηματα ελευθερης καταδυσης, freediving, freediving greece
Training Sessions
ελευθερη καταδυση, freediving

Train at sea or pool with us, improving your technique quickly and guaranteed and increasing your performance safely.
You can also participate in the diving improvement days that we organize quite often, most of which are free! Also if you want to train regularly you can ask for our training package .


Ατομικα Προγραμματα Βελτιωσης Απνοιας στο σπιτι
Individual Apnea Training Programs
Ατομικά Προγράμματα Βελτίωσης Άπνοιας
pesonal training

For those who don't have the opportunity to train at sea, but want to increase their performances, we offer Individual Apnea Improvement Programs exclusively for practice at home.
Train with special preparation, strengthening, endurance and maximum performance programs made to meet your own needs and requirements.

The results are sure to impress you!


* These programs are made and improved exclusively
by the instructor Kostas Madouros.

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